Bargain Huntress

By Eaman A. Zayed

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Pretty much any and every one loves a good deal, including me. Garage sales have been around for as long as I can remember and tend to have some great deals for those on a budget, like us college students.

One excellent way of knowing when and where there will be a garage sale is to simply pay attention to the area you reside in. Be sure to keep a lookout for social media posts, signs, flyers and other paper advertisements in your neighborhood.

There are also a lot of websites that can help you search for garage sales in your area, such as Garage Sale Finder and Craigslist. Just type in your zip code and you can be lead to some fantastic deals and bargain prices.

The best piece of advice is to watch for new postings online at the beginning of every week and get to the sales early in the morning, that way the finds will be better. Remember to always have small bills and coins with you when you buy. You can always haggle for a better price, take my word for it.

The beauty of a garage sale is in finding items you want drastically marked down. Books, clothes, furniture and household decorations are usually the top finds at these sales. From experience, I can say that baby clothes are a top deal. Since babies don’t really ruin their clothes, the pieces I found at some garage sales were in almost new condition.

With these tips in mind, the best items are bought at the best prices. Have you ever found a good garage sale deal? Do you know of one happening in your area? Then post about it, and what better place to start than right here?


One thought on “Bargain Huntress

  1. Garage sale deals are so helpful! I’ve found especially awesome deals at church “rummage sales” before, where the entire congregation donates to the inventory. You can end up walking out with tons of stuff for only a few dollars. I’ve even found really cool USF gear at a local rummage sale for just a quarter.


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