Cheap, Healthy Food Options On-the-Go

By Madison Hart

As a college student, and always on the go, it can be hard to find quick and inexpensive food that won’t clog your arteries or break your bank. There’s nearly a fast-food joint on every corner, and it’s difficult to resist the urge to go for the most convenient option. But, I’m going to give you some places near the University of South Florida in Tampa that will be convenient and healthier options.

Chipotle Mexican Grill:

Taken by: Madison Hart
Taken by Madison Hart

First, everybody knows of Chipotle Mexican Grill. It’s a fast and healthy alternative to McDonald’s, or even Moe’s Southwest Grill. The best thing about Chipotle isn’t just the great food, but it’s also the great quality. Chipotle has recently taken initiative into creating healthier food. They call it, “Food with Integrity.”

Not to mention, you can’t beat the prices! According to their online menu, you can get a chicken burrito for $6.50 before tax. If you’re anything like me, the burrito is big enough for two meals!

Chipotle Mexican Grill also offers convenient ordering. You can order your food ahead of time through their website, or on their mobile site. With this method, your food will be ready for pick-up by the time you arrive!


If Mexican food isn’t for you, Evos might be! This place is a little bit of a drive from USF, but it is well worth it! Evos is well-known for their healthy burgers, wraps, and fries. Their burgers are made with humanely grown beef, without added hormones or antibiotics.

You can get a burger for just $5.99 before tax, and pair it with one of their organic shakes for just another $3.49 plus tax.

I’d love to hear about your favorite places for convenient, but healthy food places in the comment section!


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