Night In: Netflix, Hulu and Fox

By Vanessa Okor

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Every college student needs a break from their busy class schedule. A student can decide to treat himself by having a wild night in downtown Tampa or by simply sleeping in his room. But, when one decides to pick a wallet-friendly treat, a night in is a great option.

Late night movies and TV series, alone or with friends, can be very rewarding. There are many ways to turn a night in into a blessing in—without spending a lot of cash. Netflix, Hulu, Fox and others, have a wide variety of shows that can stir a range of emotions within its viewers. A piece of advice for a good night in with Netflix, is to never restrict yourself to a particular genre.Here are some suggestions:


“House of Cards” – Netflix

“Sons of Anarchy” – FX

“Grey’s Anatomy” – Hulu


“Orange is the New Black” – Netflix

“Archer” – FX

“Modern Family” – Hulu

Sci-Fi/ horror:

“Sense8” – Netflix

“American Horror Story” – FX

“Once Upon A Time” – Hulu


“The Flash” – Netflix

“The Americans” – FX

“Arrow” – Hulu

Also, you can get weekly schedules of when shows are out here:

When you finally decide on what to watch, my opinion is to get up close and personal with your pillow and turn the lights off, especially when watching a horror movie. If you invite some friends over, take care of them with some microwaveable popcorn, or you could all pool your money for some pizza.

You can also decide to spend the night in alone. Grab some cookies, snuggle with your pillow and binge on your favorite TV show till you fall asleep. There are also many shows to watch online for free—don’t feel limited— search and you shall find!

What’s your favorite thing to watch after a busy day?


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