Bulls Busch Gardens Pass

By Juan Soriano

Photo by Jasmin Faisal

After attending the University of South Florida for a year, I’ve come to the realization that there are a lot of ways to stretch a dollar. One is take advantage of the USF Student Pass from Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens is well known for being one of the main tourist attractions in Tampa. However, USF students don’t have to travel from various parts of the globe to visit this unique park, its right outside our campus. In fact, students can ride the Bull Runner (Route F) to get them relatively close to the park or ride the HART line (Route 5) which will take them close to the main entrance – for free – as long as they have their USF student ID.

Not only is transportation free, but USF and Busch Gardens teamed up to create the ultimate $50 ticket, the USF Student Pass, that grants students unlimited admission to the park from Aug. 1 to May 31.

Essentially, the Student Pass is college-budget friendly and a great investment. Students can enjoy a relaxing day in the Serengeti-like amusement park, filled with thrill rides and over 335-acres of exploration, all for the one time price of $50. However, there are other deals available to non-students that are available for purchase on their website here, such as the All-Day Dining Deal.

I love going there on my weekends and free days. My favorite ride is Sheikra, because I love seeing a different view of Tampa when it’s at its climax. It’s a fun ride that can be scary and intense. However, I really don’t like most of the theater shows. I find them to be boring and a waste of time, despite how much others seem to like them.

What’s your favorite attraction?


One thought on “Bulls Busch Gardens Pass

  1. The Busch Gardens student pass is the best deal for students. I actually work at Busch Gardens and I love going there on my days off to actually enjoy the whole park. One of my favorite attractions is probably Falcons Fury. Not for the ride, although it is not that bad, but I ride it for the scenery too! I do recommend riding it at night because you can see all of Downtown Tampa and even St. Pete! It is really a beautiful sight!


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