On-Campus Recreation

By Janardan Bautista

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time here at the University of South Florida, its that college students love having a good time and love doing it for free. To the surprise of many students, its easier now more than ever do do both at the same time with the plethora of on-campus activities offered here at USF.

When we think about campus recreation most of us immediately think of the weight floor or the cardio floor, but campus rec is so much more than that. You can pick from the large array of group fitness classes offered throughout the week, ranging from Zumba and Kickboxing to Caribbean dance and yoga.

Not really feeling group fitness?  Well that’s perfectly fine because you can meet up with your gang of friends and go for a charged up game of wall-ball, racquetball or squash on one of six indoor courts.

What better way to cool off from a competitive team game with the squad then to sit back and relax in one of three on campus pools conveniently located at the main rec center, Juniper-Poplar and the Andros Complex.

These great opportunities to be active, healthy and happy are already covered by our university tuition, so why not take advantage of them?

Do you have another strategy for staying fit on campus? Leave a comment and let me know about it, I would love to try it out!


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