Going Home On a Budget

By: Alison Hickey

This past weekend, I traveled home to see my family. It’s always great to see everyone again, both friends and family, but the cost of going home can run pretty high. In order to keep on my college budget, there are a few things I do when I travel home for the weekend.

Driving back on 75
Driving back on I-75. Photo taken by Alison Hickey

Once I am home, instead of driving myself everywhere, I carpool. Most of the places I go are with family anyways, so catching a ride with them is never a big deal.

I never take a taxi or Uber to meet up with friends. I only live a few miles from downtown, so I usually bribe one of my siblings to take me. Offering to buy someone a $3 cup of coffee, or even a $10 breakfast the next morning is much cheaper, especially if you live farther from downtown. Plus, my family loves coffee, so the prospect of a free cup is always tempting.

The good thing about visiting home, is that I’m here to see my family. I usually don’t have a lot of plans to see people and go out, because I want my weekend back home to be as relaxing as possible. While I do occasionally go to see a movie or eat out with friends, sticking to my budget comes pretty easy when I’m at home. Things like playing with my dog, and watching movies with my sisters are all things that are fun, and free!

Coming home on the weekend can be hard when you’re on a budget. But, changing how you spend your money while you’re home, can make a big difference on your wallet size when you get back to Tampa. Here are a few last minute money-saving tips for traveling home.


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