Groupon: The Future of Couponing

By Paige Roberts

Walking around a college campus, you will usually find kids hiding behind the screens of their smartphones, but have you ever wondering what they were doing? Which application they were using? A typical college student will say their favorite application is Instagram, Twitter or maybe even YikYak, but what they really should be using is Groupon, a digital couponing website that I am personally addicted to.

Groupon offers different daily deals on things to do in your area. This makes it really nice for the days that you want to get out of the house and do something, but you are not too sure what that will entail. Groupon has a wide variety of options to choose from. For instance, Groupon is currently offering $45 tickets, originally $85, to the “So You Think You Can Dance” live tour and if you are not into that, you can purchase an $89, originally $345, Water-Propelled-Jetpack Flight with beach passes. No matter what your interest is, Groupon will have something to offer.

My personal experience with Groupon has been excellent. I recently purchased a Groupon for Sky Diving at Skydiving Land in Plant City for $105 compared to the original cost of $210. Groupon made it very easy to handle once I got there. I showed them my Groupon, they scanned the code I received on my phone and 30 minutes later I was jumping out of a plane.

My only problem with Groupon is that sometimes the coupons expire before I am able to use them. So I have to keep I reminding myself of the expiration dates before I purchase the coupon.

Groupon makes it very easy and affordable for college students like me to do fun activities around Tampa Bay, but also not break our bank accounts.


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