The Boba House

Article and Photos by Anna Scordato

I first heard of bubble tea two years ago while in Washington State. It was a popular drink in the Pacific Northwest and has been a growing trend across the country. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink with a tea base, mixed with fruit or milk, and complemented with either “jellies” or chewy tapioca pearls, commonly referred to as boba.

Some friends and I ventured to The Boba House last Friday night, and we were stunned by how inviting and unique this little place was on the inside. The room was filled with good music, kind people, and an engaging, open atmosphere.

Lounge & Stage
Lounge & Stage

It is located just off of Bruce B Downs Blvd., tucked into a strip off of University Square Dr. In addition to being close to campus, The Boba House is affordable, and welcoming. Drink specials can be acquired by purchasing a bracelet at a one-time cost of $3, and there is an open mic night every Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight. There are also board games, video games, and a place to swap books. All of this being absolutely free of charge.

Video games, book sharing, and television area
Video games, book sharing and television area

The Boba House has thousands of flavor combinations, and boba can be added to any drink, whether it be iced coffee, tea or a smoothie. My personal favorite is called “Boba Patch”, which is a raspberry and pear smoothie. If you are interested in coffee flavors, lavender and honey is a surprisingly tasty combination!

Only a portion of the menu!
Only a portion of the menu!

Whether you are craving a night out, or are looking to enjoy an afternoon drink with a friend, consider checking out The Boba House. If you have been there before, feel free to share your favorite drink combination or your experiences at open mic night!


2 thoughts on “The Boba House

  1. I’ve never had bubble tea, or even been to the Boba House. I’m really happy that you included pictures of the inside, because now I know how cozy it looks on the inside. I also had no idea that they threw so many events. I thought they were just a place for drinks!


  2. That is really cool. I have always wondered what exactly bubble tea was, and now you have given me the perfect venue to try it. Not only does the interior look inviting, but they provide activities for you to do while you hang out with friends. It gives off more of a cafe feeling than the standard juice bar vibe most Bobba places have. I will definitely have to take my friends there some time to hang out and try my very first cup of bubble tea. It seems like the perfect place to just take a break from the busy school week and it’s so close to campus too. But I will say that I was really surprised when you suggested the lavender honey coffee. I’m not a big coffee drinker personally, but I have never even heard of lavender coffee. That’s something I might have to try.

    -Jasmin Faisal


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