Your Student ID can be the Key to the City

Article and Photos by Erin Beck

Moving out of the house and starting your college career is a huge step in life. It brings all kinds of new experiences and challenges. One of the biggest challenges of my college experience has been managing my budget.

The good news is, there are still ways to have fun even if you don’t have much cash to work with. One important thing that I have learned to do before I pay for something: ask if there is a student discount. There are plenty of stores and attractions that offer a student discount (if you bring a student ID). The amount you save varies from place to place, but the key is you are still saving.

Some of my favorite student discounts are:

Amazon Prime (Student)
Photo by Erin Beck October 17, 2015 of

1. Amazon Prime. For only $45 a year, you get free two-day shipping on thousands of items. Not to mention, an unlimited video streaming service, music, data storage, and tons more.

2. Bush Garden’s Bull Pass. Explanation here.

3. Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Lowry Park Zoo
Photo by Erin Beck March 2015

Lowry Park Zoo is a fantastic way to spend the day. With giraffe feeding (and giraffe selfies), educational keeper talks and a spectacular free flight show, “Bird of Prey”, this zoo has a lot to offer. Just grab your Student ID and head over there for $5 off your ticket! Tickets are just $22.95 after the discount!

4. USF Riverfront Park. With discounts on canoeing, kayaking and other activities, River Front Park is a fun way to get some exercise and fresh air. And the prices are low for students all you need is your USF ID. You can rent equipment for the day, or even a whole semester.

So, what are you most likely to try with your student ID?


One thought on “Your Student ID can be the Key to the City

  1. I love the USF Riverfront Park! I take my books, coffee and music there and get some studying done. I especially love when the weather isn’t too hot. Right at the change of seasons I could stay there for five or six hours without realizing it!
    By: Eaman A. Zayed


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