Planning a Halloween Party on a Budget


Article and Photo by Lindsay Johnson

Halloween is only weeks away. Many college students are on a tight budget, but still want to celebrate on this frightful night. For a typical college Halloween party, you can expect attendees to be in costume and standing around probably consuming too much alcohol. I want to propose an alternative scenario that involves more than just staring at each other and drinking.

Too many times, I have walked into a “Halloween party” and questioned what I’m supposed to be doing, aside from introducing myself to strangers that are sitting around. For any party to be successful, there are a handful of necessities to ensure success. There should be at least two foods, a beverage, games/activities and decorations.

For food on a budget, I recommend simple recipes like cupcakes, party sandwiches or chips and dip. For your beverage, punch is always the right way to go. If you’re not keen on that, a couple of bottles of soda will suffice.

Personally, I think guests at large gatherings deserve to indulge in a game or activity. One activity that I highly recommend is that you have every guest bring a pre-carved jack-o-lantern to be judged for a chance to win a prize. A cheap prize can be a Dollar Tree pumpkin filled with Dollar Tree candy. This activity will be great for pictures and everyone will feel like they participated.

For your decorations, head on over to the Dollar Tree. I only paid about $15 for all of my pieces.

For more food, drink, activity and décor ideas, check.

Have you attended a Halloween party that you loved or hated? Tell me about your experience!


2 thoughts on “Planning a Halloween Party on a Budget

  1. I have never attended a Halloween party neither have I organized one. But from your post, it sounds like something fun and I could do without spending a lot of cash. I had the mindset that all parties require you to spend a lot of cash for it to be awesome, especially themed ones. I am glad to know that that is not true. I hope to attend a Halloween party next week and from this post I can confidently suggest places and such for the party! I am so excited!
    -Vanessa Okor


  2. Last year I attended a Halloween party exactly like the one you described: people sitting around drinking. It was very boring! But I love the Jack-o-lantern contest idea, that’s a great way to make a Halloween party more festive. Another fun thing to have around at parties are games like Cards Against Humanity, which is good for larger groups.
    -Morgan Blauth


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