Surviving Without a Job in College

By Vanessa Okor

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Surviving without a job in college. You may be thinking, is that even possible? Yes it is. The key word here is survive. You can make it through college. You can survive on the pocket money your parents send to you. Again you may be thinking, why would I depend on my parents in college? College is your time to be independent right? But independence is not all about being able to get a job and do it, it is about making smart decisions that positively affect your person as a whole. Some students cannot get jobs for many reasons while in college. For instance, most international students are limited to on-campus jobs and these jobs are not reserved for them but open to everyone. Here are a few tips to help you survive:

  • Meal plan: These are great because regardless what kind of meal plan you have, you have a peace of mind that you will be able to eat at a specific time, without worrying about the cost of it.
  • Live within your means: As a college student, it is best to be able to identify and be familiar with your means. Basically, do not try to live like Beyoncé when your bank account sings with dust. Do not try to live a lifestyle that you cannot afford.
  • Make rational decisions: You need to know the difference between your needs and your wants. Buy the necessary things and always weigh your priorities. But once in a while, treat yourself. Don’t be a prisoner to your money.

It is possible to survive without a job. It is also possible to have fun without spending so much cash. USF also offers financial advise: . Don’t forget to be money-wise!


One thought on “Surviving Without a Job in College

  1. I feel like these are some really helpful tips for people who don’t have a job. For me, I always wanted to push myself to take as many credits as possible, so the idea of a job always seemed like too much on my plate. I had a summer job, but you can only save up so much in three months. And then, having to buy my parking pass and housing, my whole stash was pretty much depleted. The tip about not being a prisoner to money is such a helpful thought, because a lot of people will become too stressed about how much money they have, and never do one little thing for themselves every once in a while. Overall, great post.

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