Coffee and Tea: Tips and Tricks

Photos and Article by Anna Scordato

As delicious as a Pumpkin Spice Latte on a fall afternoon might be, sometimes I can’t bring myself to pay coffee shop prices. Although they have drinks that cannot be found elsewhere, sometimes, I want something simple that I can prepare at home without spending $5 a cup.

Whether you are a tea lover or a coffee addict, I have provided a budget friendly alternative for getting your daily fix of caffeine.


Articles have been circulating about the health benefits of warm honey-lemon water. I haven’t been drinking it long enough to feel long term benefits, but I have noticed that it wakes me up in the morning, despite not having caffeine.

If you need a daily dose of energy, this combination is good with almost any flavor of tea bags. My personal favorite being Yerba Mate.

Whether you are preparing it with or without tea, all you need is hot water, a fourth of a lemon, and a tablespoon of honey. The honey and lemon can be adjusted to your flavor preference.

Honey and lemon water. Photo taken by Anna Scordato
Honey and lemon water. Photo taken by Anna Scordato


A large cup of coffee from Starbucks is about $3. Only one cup every morning would add up to $21 per week. A common alternative is a Keurig coffeemaker. These, and the K-Cups necessary to use it, are often out of a college student’s budget.

A cheaper, and often better tasting alternative to this is a French press. A few tablespoons of coffee grounds and hot water are all you need for a flavorful cup of coffee, you don’t even need electricity! French presses can be found for $18 at Target, and this is just a one-time cost. Instructions for use can be found here.

French press from Target and a cup of fresh coffee. Photo taken by Anna Scordato
French press from Target and a cup of fresh coffee. Photo taken by Anna Scordato

Feel free to share your favorite coffee or tea tips and tricks!


3 thoughts on “Coffee and Tea: Tips and Tricks

  1. I love my French press and I’m so glad you brought this tool up. It’s so great for making one cup of coffee at a time, so there’s no wasted coffee! Also, saving money on coffee leaves room in my budget to buy different kind of flavored creamers to make my coffee even better.
    -Morgan Blauth

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  2. I’ve heard a lot of great things about hot water with lemon, but I have yet to give it a try. I also love the idea of using a French press. As a coffee addict, it sounds like a great alternative for me. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, I love the mugs in the picture!
    -Madison Hart


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