Intramural Sports: Free Fun for Everyone

By Paige Roberts

If there is one thing that I actually miss about high school, it is the sports. I loved being part of the team, whether I was really good at the sport or just mediocre.

The one thing I did not enjoy about it, was the cost. Unfortunately, I attended a school that suffered a big budget cut and with that cut, the opportunity for students to play for free on a school team was taken away. Even though I had to pay to play, I continued with my sports.

I was never really good enough to participate in an official college team and entering college, I thought that the days of being on a sports team for my school were over. But, that mindset soon changed once I found out that the University of South Florida offers intramural sports to all their students, for free.

USF offers many different sports and recreational activities for their students. Some of the sports that are offered are goal-ball, inner tube water polo, punt-pass & kick, floor hockey, badminton, table tennis, basketball, soccer, softball, flag football, golf, kickball and many more.

Each sport holds registrations for individuals or teams. You can either play on a coed team or stick to your gender. The cost is absolutely free. The only one that requires a payment is golf scramble, which requires a payment of $56 a team. Each sport holds their own intramural tournaments and eventually, a winner will emerge!

If you are interested in participating, go to USF IM Sports and sign up! Have you ever been involved in an intramural sport on campus? Which one was your favorite?


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