Drop The Weights: FitTrail Calisthenics

By Janardan Bautista

For most avid gym-goers, every once in a great while the regular workout routine will start to feel a little stale and more like an obligation rather than an exciting pastime.  Instead of forking over cash for a new gym membership elsewhere in Tampa, I found an equally new and exciting workout regimen in USF’s very own Fitness Trail.

Conveniently located behind the Sycamore Field Complex at the corner of USF Holly Dr. and USF Sycamore Dr., the FitTrail offers a nice change up to the everyday workout routine at the Rec Center.

The 1.25 mile trail is covered with a canopy of scenic Florida vegetation and flora, providing the perfect amount of shade to stay cool even on the hottest of days.

14 different calisthenic fitness stations are scattered along the trail providing numerous combinations for a new and exciting outdoor regimen.  Bang out pull ups, dips, step-ups or body-squats on an array of varying body-weight machines or better yet, grab a friend and start up a competitive outdoor race! The possibilities are endless.

Unfamiliar with calisthenic workouts? Not a problem as each fitness station offers an informational panel on how to properly use each piece of equipment and complete each exercise.

Take advantage of this sparsely used and completely free on-campus secret and kick-start your workout routine again. For more information about the USF Fitness Trail check out the USF Campus Recreation website here.


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