Getting In Shape For One Price

By: Eaman A. Zayed

Getting in shape can be stressful on the mind, and on the wallet. Local gyms charge anywhere from $99 to $299 just for signing up. Then comes the monthly fee that ranges anywhere from $9.99 to $78.99.

If you’re a woman who prefers working out in a specialized gym, then you’re looking at paying anywhere from $30 to $65 per month. That’s not chump change.

Why pay that amount of money? Especially when there is a state-of-the art gym right here on campus. The gym is open to anyone who wants to workout, you simply swipe your student ID and walk in without paying upfront.

Being a USF Bull, you have full access to the gym. You don’t pay to walk in because it’s already included in your tuition.

I love going to work out in the USF gym. There is a huge selection of machines to choose from, my favorites being the treadmill and the bikes. The machines give you the option of listening to the radio, viewing YouTube videos or watching TV while you workout. You can even track your steps, calories burned and heart rate.

There is also a huge pool to take a swim in when the weather is ridiculously hot. USF even offers swimming classes to children ages three and above.

Why pay again, when you have already paid for the gym at school? As a student, you are offered a discounted rate for the services of a personal trainer and with the fee included in your tuition, you don’t see the money being deducted every month from your back account.

Check out their hours of operation here.


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