Oktoberfest Party in the USA

Article by Lindsay Johnson

Featured Photo Free to Use

Oktoberfest is a German folk festival that has a long history dating back to the 18th century. The first festival included horse races, agricultural fairs, beer pubs, parades and an array of performances. The celebration today attracts people to Germany from all over the world. Americans have adopted it too, and I’m going to tell you how to do it right.

To throw a great Oktoberfest you need: good friends, games, German music, tasty food and, wait for it, beer (age 21+). The best part is that hosting this party can actually be affordable.


Oktoberfest Essentials
Photo by Lindsay Johnson

For a good German meal with an American twist, I purchased: 1 pack of Kielbasa ($4.99), 1 pack of hoagie buns ($2.69) to slice in half, spicy yellow mustard ($2.00), 1 can of pre-made German potato salad (37 cents), sauerkraut ($1.75) and Oktoberfest beer (two for $4). I prefer to eat the Kielbasa hot dog style, and use the sauerkraut and salad for side dishes. All items were purchased at Publix, excluding the salad, which was purchased at Aldi. The total amount for all items listed is under $20!


1. Have each guest fill up an XL stein from the Dollar Tree with beer. Have them hold their steins straight out with one arm, no bending the elbows. The last person holding their beer wins! Trust me, it’s hard.

2. Toss the Dog: Have guests pair up and toss a hot dog to each other, taking one step back after each toss. Last pair to not drop their hot dog wins (hilarious).


If you have Spotify, look for the album “Herz, Prich!: Medieval German Music”. Do it.

Indulging in another culture’s tradition is very rewarding. If you do choose to drink while celebrating, please do so responsibly.

Do you have an Oktoberfest experience to share?

Auf Wiedersehen! Goodbye!


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