For More, We Turn To Jessica Williams

By Monika Patel

A night full of laughter and a free inspirational lecture from Jessica Williams, what more could you ask for?

For those of you who don’t know her, Jessica Williams is the sassy, hilarious and intelligent correspondent from the hit Comedy Central television show, The Daily Show. This show is used many times in Mass Communication courses as an example of popular satire.

Daily Show correspondent, Jessica Williams, visits USF Thursday night to give students the lecture of the semester. Photo taken by Monika Patel

During the lecture, Williams shared what her experience was like when she first got on the show. It was interesting to hear how the most struggling time in her life took place within her first couple of years in the industry.

Her frustration with the world grew because her job consisted of covering topics that were talked about only for a few days, then they faded away very quickly. However, this tough time in her life helped her grow stronger in the long run.

Williams continues the lecture, talking about how her anxiety and OCD has made her into the woman she is today. She shared moments in her life that had me crying from both laughter and sadness.

Jessica Williams is only the second speaker that the University Lecture Series has hosted. They have a whole series of speakers that are going to be announced soon and I cannot wait. I keep updated on all ULS announcements here.

These lectures include so many different subjects that are relatable to the student population. This is one cost saving activity that you definitely do not want to miss this school year.


One thought on “For More, We Turn To Jessica Williams

  1. I wanted to go to this event, but I couldn’t. I used to watch The Daily Show all the time, she is definitely hilarious. . I love that she is still apart of the show, yet I miss watching Jon Stewart. But hey, you can’t a;ways get what you want..
    -Eaman A. Zayed


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