College Survival 101: Hair Problems

By Vanessa Okor

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Are you sick and tired of waking up with your hair looking like a toilet brush? Can you not afford a hair stylist appointment or expensive hair care products?

Welcome to the hair problems of a broke college student.

Pricey hair products or expensive hair appointments are not the only ways to have good-looking hair. Your hair can be made flawless with your own hands and here’s how. I am going to introduce you to your new friends: YouTube, drugstore and homemade hair products.

Lesson 1: Not everything works for all hair textures. It may be affordable, but it may not work. Drugstores have a variety of affordable products. I will not advise you to try all since you are limited on cash. But, I will advise you to identify your hair type, you can look it up on Google or YouTube. This will help you know what easy methods and inexpensive products you can purchase for your hair. When you know this, use it as a guide to purchase hair products. Try the following quality and pocket friendly shampoos: Herbal Essences Smooth Collection shampoo and Aveeno Nourish + Moisturize Shampoo. You can also explore other products in their line.

Lesson 2: Do not be afraid to create your own hair products. Kitchen products can also be converted into hair foods.  You will find that a lot of great products for your hair are in your own kitchen.

Lesson 3: YouTube is your good friend, especially when you want to do quick styles or learn how to maintain your hair. You need to learn how to do your hair yourself. You are your hair’s 5-star stylist—own it. If you need a guide on what YouTube channel to watch click here for videos from some top YouTube video bloggers.


7 thoughts on “College Survival 101: Hair Problems

  1. I love this article because I can totally relate to not having the money to see an expensive stylist regularly. One of my favorite brands is “It’s A 10.” I like their conditioning sprays, and I think they’re well worth the price because even the smaller bottles last for a very long time.
    -Morgan Blauth

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    1. What brand exactly made your hair worse? I am sorry that happened. But remember: Not everything works for all hair textures. Thank you for leaving a suggestion for an alternative!
      If the suggested products do not work for any other person, try Head and Shoulders.
      I would also love to add that you can try Shea Moisture products. I have only used the products once and I loved the effect on my hair!


  2. Love the advice ! I use products such as coconut oil, olive oil and even mayonnaise to deep condition my hair. I would recommend using Jamaican Black castor oil as well. This is a great for hair rejuvenation.

    – Alexandra Lallemand

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  3. Love this article and the tips! I myself prefer “It’s a 10” products, which are on the pricier side, but really seem to be worth it to me. I use the leave in conditioner spray and I’ve only owned one bottle, but it never seems to run out! Cheaper alternatives I’ve also used are coconut oil which works wonders, plus it can be used for so many things!!
    -Alexis Gentleman


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