You Need a Budget (YNAB)

By Erin Beck

Featured Photo Free to Use

While YNAB is a pretty catchy acronym, it’s not meant to be your new favorite hashtag. Instead, it’s meant to help get you focused about your money, in an easy and useful software.

We all talk about how hard it is to live on a college budget, but how many of us are actually organized and in control when it comes to our money? YNAB is an amazing resource to turn to when you just aren’t sure how to manage your money. They will email you tips and tricks for the best money management strategy, and help you find out how to live within your means.

I know what you’re thinking: “Sure that’s great and all, but how am I supposed to pay for the software that’s going to tell me how to manage my money?”  Well, you’re in luck! The makers of YNAB want everyone to get a good start and offer it free to students. I can’t even tell you how helpful this has been in my life. What’s great about the software is, you can download it onto your computer and attach it to your DropBox. That way, you can simply download the app and input your expenses on the go.

When you’re ready to get serious about saving money and living within your means, YNAB is the only way to go. Just shoot them an email asking for YNAB Student, and include a screenshot or picture to prove that you are a USF student.

Happy Budgeting!


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