Beats on a Budget

Photo and Article by Brianna Mathews

Listening to music is a universal concept. Whether you like to listen to angsty alternative or bubblegum pop. Then again, maybe smooth jazz is more your jam. Walking around campus, it’s a pretty rare sight to see a student without a handy pair of headphones on their person.

However, iTunes can start to weight on your wallet, especially when you have such a diverse taste in music. You’ve probably caught yourself at one point asking which artist’s album is most important, and whether or not spending that twelve dollars was worth it for twelve songs.

Internet radios have started to become increasingly more popular due to the fact that they’re back to the roots of why radio became so popular in the first place: it’s free. Apps such as Pandora and 8tracks are pretty common, and tend to separate their music by genre or mood. However, once you use the allotted amount of time on their trial version, you’re stuck rifling through other music, trying to find something you liked as much as that first station.

Spotify, on the other hand, has come to fix that issue. Spotify is an internet radio that allows the user to browse different artists, albums and songs. You don’t even have to purchase the songs to be able to listen to them. What about the intrusive advertisements and skip limits? You can update to a premium membership with a 50 percent off discount for college students. By upgrading, there are no ads or limits to how much you skip, just a customizable playlist for your personal taste in music.

Think of the possibilities. Do you need some music to pump you for Halloween? Maybe a playlist to help you focus on classes? What kind of playlists would you use?


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