Spring Break That Won’t Break the Bank

Feature Photo and Article by Paige Roberts

Spring Break is something on every college students mind when entering the spring semester. Where should we go? For how long? But the real question is, how are you going to afford it with your college student budget?

There are plenty of cheap and affordable ideas for spring breakers, especially since we live in the sunshine state. Depending on what your budget is, you can always find something to do during spring break.

Option 1: Have a Stay-cation

There are so many options in and around Tampa and St. Petersburg for you to stay and have fun. Many hotels along the beach offer special discounts for groups. So grab your friends and go vacation in St. Pete for a weekend. A big positive is that you won’t have to pay for plane tickets, which is one of the most expensive parts of traveling.

Option 2: Take a Cruise

Most cruise lines offer cheap cruises for spring breakers. Last year, my three friends and I booked a four night cruise to Mexico through Carnival, for only $215 per person. This is a really good deal considering everything that comes with a cruise. It includes all you can eat and drink, and plenty of entertainment. You can also purchase many upgrades along the way if you care to.

Option 3: Take a Camping Trip

Many people don’t think about camping for spring break, but there are plenty of beautiful locations in Florida to take a quick trip with friends. Rainbow Springs State Park offers many activities to do while camping. You can snorkel, tube, swim, kayak and even hike. Splitting the cost of a campsite among a group of friends can make it relatively cheap

There are many ways to have a fun spring break, without breaking your bank account.


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