Museum Deals for USF Bulls

By Alison Hickey

Feature Photo Free to Use

As college students, we are surrounded by culture all the time. Sometimes though, you want to get out and explore a new culture, or learn a history about something that interests you. The Tampa Bay/Hillsborough County area has some amazing museums that are really great, and very welcoming to students around the area.

The Tampa Museum of Art offers a wide variety of events, programs and galleries. If you do decide to take a trip, try to stick to one thing. Visit a gallery, take part in a program or enjoy one of their many events. Trying to overload your experience may make it too overwhelming.
Student Admission: $5
General Admission: $15

The Dali Museum never gets old. Every time I have visited, I have experienced something new. The headphones are free to students, and give a lot of insightful information on all of the artworks in the museum. Personally, I think the kids headphones are the best, because they do many different fun voices and impressions.
Student Admission: $17
General Admission: $24

The Henry B. Plant Museum is one of the most aesthetically pleasing museums to visit. The architecture alone is reason enough to go, but the decorative furniture and tropical gardens transport you into another world. Henry Plant was a rich man, so there is no shortage of lavish designs everywhere you look.
Student Admission: $5
General Admission: $10


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