Must Have Online Subscriptions for College Students

By Monika Patel

The fact that you can get great discounts just for being a college student amazes me. I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t afford certain subscriptions, but now that’s all changed. Here are the top three subscriptions that I recommend all students should have.

Spotify Premium

Who doesn’t love listening to an unlimited amount of music whenever or wherever you want? If you’re satisfied with only using Spotify on your computer, I would recommend using the free application. But for music on the go, I got Spotify premium, where college students get 50 percent off of the original $10 per month fee. No longer will you have to deal with those annoying advertisements or skip limitations. Click here to find out more.

Amazon Prime

Let’s face it, as college students we order a lot of books for classes. While the books can be pretty pricey, what hurts most are those ridiculous shipping prices. Well, not anymore because with Amazon Prime, and a yearly fee of $49, you can have free two-day shipping. In addition, Amazon Prime gives you access to unlimited streaming of their Prime Videos, free Kindle books and unlimited Prime Music. Click here to get started.

Newspaper subscriptions

We all love staying connected with the media. Which is why many newspaper industries offer great discounts for college students. One of my personal favorites is the New York Times. With a weekly fee of $3.50, they send a newspaper to my on-campus location. Not only that, but I have unlimited access to, NYTimes apps and NTY Now, just by clicking here. If you’re not a fan of the New York Times, then visit your favorite newspaper or magazine subscription to see if they offer any special deals for college students.


One thought on “Must Have Online Subscriptions for College Students

  1. Monika,
    I think it is very helpful to share these discounts that you’ve found to others that may not know what businesses offer them. While shopping or dining out, I religiously ask if there are student discounts offered. In my opinion, it never hurts to ask. I happen to have both Spotify Premium and Amazon Prime subscriptions, but didn’t know they offered discounts to college students. Thank you for sharing this great information!
    Lindsay Johnson


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