The Bull Runner- A Cheap and Efficient Alternative

By Madison Hart

Feature Photo Free to Use

The University of South Florida offers free rides to their students and faculty through their Bull Runner transit system. As long as you have a USF ID card, you’re welcome to ride the Bull Runner!

The Bull Runner also accommodates students with disabilities. All of the buses have a lift or a ramp to ensure that every student is able to ride. Also, on all regular routes, announcements and securement straps can be provided.

The best part of the Bull Runner is that the buses go off campus too. There are several bus routes, and depending on which bus you take, you can get a ride to the mall, or to a few apartment properties off campus. Just make sure you check out the Bull Runner schedule and routes before you hop on a bus. On, you can get real time updates on bus locations and predicted arrival times! It’s important to note that not all bus routes run on the weekends.

Using the Bull Runner to get around will eliminate the need to spend money on gas, and you won’t have to worry about the expenses of car maintenance.

What do you guys think about the Bull Runner? Do you think it completely eliminates the need for a car?


One thought on “The Bull Runner- A Cheap and Efficient Alternative

  1. I use the Bull Runner all the time and it is fantastic. It helps me get around easily, both on campus and off. I personally can’t drive, so this system works wonders for me. I can go to the mall, the movie theater and the grocery store without having to pester my friends for a ride.
    Even if I could drive, using the Bull Runner seems to be more cost efficient, seeing as I wouldn’t have to pay for gas or maintenance, as well as time saving, since I wouldn’t need to find a parking space on campus, which are few and far between. Plus, taking the bus is also better for the environment.
    Without the Bull Runner, I would be stranded on campus. I think it’s a great alternative to a car.
    My only problem with it would be that on the weekends, which is the only time I can really go out, the Bull Runner closes early. Other than that, it’s a great way to get around.

    – Jasmin Faisal


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