A Whole New World – The Library

By Erin Beck

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Everyone has had different views of the library as they grew up. Personally, in every stage of my life, I have felt differently about the library.

When I was really young, I absolutely LOVED the library. I would go in with my mom and sister, and we would walk out with more books than we could possibly carry. I loved sitting on the couch next to my mom as she opened up a book, fresh from the library. I can still hear the crackling of the spine as the stories came to life.

In high school, the library was a strange place for meetings and class projects. It had lost its luster for me. However, once I moved into college, the library became an entirely new place for me. It was a whole new world.

In college, the library is a safe haven. It’s a place where you can settle down into a quite spot for some diligence in your studies. It’s a place to study with friends or work on group projects. One of the major draws of the library in college is that it saves money!

Our library here at USF is a wonderful place where you can rent textbooks, laptops, chargers and much more. In addition to all of that, the media center in the library has all kinds of software that you can use whenever you need to for school projects. So no more spending all of your grocery money on software and books that you only need for one assignment!


One thought on “A Whole New World – The Library

  1. This article is very relatable because I used to love the library when I was younger too! I also appreciate our library here at USF because of all the great things that we can use for free, like Photoshop and other Adobe software… which comes in handy for certain classes. :’)

    -Morgan Blauth


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