College Survival 101: Medical Care

Feature Photo and Article by Vanessa Okor

Medical care is generally costly, regardless of your stage in life. But, a number of organizations offer affordable health care services. The advantage of being a college student is that your school wishes for you to have good health and wants to take care of you. There are many ways one can afford and receive good health on campus.

The Student Health Services (SHS) is not just a place to visit when you have a cold, flu or huge bite. On Oct. 25, there was a successful free STI testing and flu shot event. In case you missed it, that was not the only day you could get those free services. They are available all through the semester and I advise you to take advantage of free events like these, in order to maintain your health.

Do not think, “I have no symptoms therefore I am okay.” There are a number of diseases that show no symptoms. Also, do not let your pocket stop you from living. Get up, go to SHS and make inquiries.

Do you have to pay for a consultation?

It is advised that you have some type of health insurance. With it, you will not have to pay for consultations. I personally have the United Healthcare insurance and I have had no problems with it. If you are aware of a cheaper, yet quality health insurance, or you have another good provider to suggest, do not hesitate to share below. It is important to look at what the insurance covers and what insurance the SHS accepts, so you do not go in blind sighted.

For more detailed information about the services offered click here.


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