The Indie Flea

By Anna Scordato

Feature Photo Credit

Flea markets, thrift shops and farmers’ markets are always a good way to save money while finding unique products and supporting local businesses.

The St. Pete Indie Market was founded in 2012 by vintage shop owner, Rosey Williams. It has been held monthly ever since, and is located in different locations around St. Petersburg, FL. I have always wanted to attend, but the markets are held on Saturdays, and unfortunately my work schedule has always interfered with the market times. To my pleasant surprise, about a month ago it was announced that Williams will be opening a monthly market with help from Seanissey Loughlin, and it will be held here in Tampa Bay.

Flier for Tampa Flea's first market. Photo credit:
Flier for Tampa Flea’s first market. Photo credit

The Indie Flea will be held every third Sunday morning at the Historic Rialto Theatre, and the first session will be on Nov. 15 from 12 – 4 p.m. All vendors are hand selected, chosen by the creators in order to create an inviting atmosphere that allows both visitors and vendors to make connections to the indie community, and to support the local arts and businesses of Tampa Bay.

There will be vendors selling unique, hand-made items, vintage clothing, jewelry, succulents, food and the market will even feature live music. The event will be pet and family friendly, and encourages new vendors to apply and new guests to visit! Keep up to date with when markets will be held, browse pictures of what will be sold and connect with the vendors by following The Indie Flea on Instagram: @indieflea.

Feel free to share any products you have found while thrifting or shopping at flea markets, and any experience you have had at the St. Pete Indie Market!


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