Must Have Office Program for All Students

By Monika Patel

There are many times in a student’s college experience where they are asked to write a paper, design charts or create presentations. All of those tasks and more can be accomplished through Microsoft Office.

As a public relations student, I learned the importance of utilizing Microsoft Office early, so I can be highly experienced in it for future internships or job opportunities. However, like most software, Microsoft updates yearly and enhances or changes their features. With updates comes money that needs to be spent, but luckily for college students, you can get the latest update at no cost.

That’s right, the all exclusive package of Microsoft Office 365 is available for free to students who are currently enrolled at qualifying universities. The special deal can be installed on up to five different Macs or PCs, iPads and even Windows tablets.

This is a great bargain because unlike most college offers, this is a deal that stays even after graduation. I even share it with my family members who use it for business or personal reasons. Even if you do not individually own a computer or tablet device, you can still use this service for free at the MSC computer lab or the USF library.


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