Need Cash from Mom Instantly? Try Cash

By Erin Beck

Feature Photo Free to Use

Have you ever run low on cash the day before rent is due? Or needed a few extra dollars to help with groceries? Parents can be a great resource to help out when you are having last minute budget troubles, but unfortunately they’re not always close by and able to lend you a few bucks.

During a recent weekend trip home, my sweet mom mentioned to me a new app, and a way to make a quick five bucks. And hey, who doesn’t want to make money without having to really do anything? That’s where the app Cash comes in. Square Cash, or just Cash, is an app that enables you to send money to friends and family right from your phone. Not to mention, a great perk is getting money for a referral. When you refer someone, they will receive a reward code. After it has been entered and they reach $50 of use on the app, both you (the referrer) and the person who you referred get five dollars dropped into your bank account.

You may be thinking this sounds a lot like plenty of other apps like Venmo or Paypal, but unlike those options, Square Cash is instantaneous. There’s no “transfer to bank” option, where it takes several days to get your money. It goes straight from one account to the other. There is no waiting or fees involved.

So, start spreading the word and making some extra cash!


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