By Juan Soriano

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” – Deion Sanders.

Essentially, my main objective for attending college is to get paid. Recently, the University of South Florida has made the first step, looking good, easier for USF students, including myself.

USF Career Services has partnered with Enactus, a nonprofit entrepreneurial organization, to create Suit-A-Bull.

Suit-A-Bull is a FREE suit rental service for USF students that caters to both men and women, as long as they have their USF student ID card with them. Located in SVC-2060, this sizeable closet is stocked with over 600 clothing items such as suits, jackets, pants and shirts.

The main purpose of Suit-A-Bull is to equip students with proper attire for career fairs and job interviews.

I think this partnership between Enactus and USF Career Services will improve our university by boosting the confidence of students who may not have access to professional attire, or may not have a variety of professional clothing items to choose from. I will definitely be using their services in the near future and find comfort in the fact that their services are free.

For more information about Suit-A-Bull, feel free to visit their page by clicking the link here.


2 thoughts on “Suit-A-Bull

  1. This is such a good idea. It’s cool that the University is finding ways to not only intellectually empower students to take their next steps in life, but that they also are helping students with the details to get moving. I know a lot of people who simply don’t have the funds to buy the types of clothes you need to make a lasting impression on future employers, so I think this will help students tremendously.


  2. I had no idea this existed till today. I feel like this can and will be very helpful for students, especially, those students who are applying for jobs or those students who need a homecoming suit. Students do not have to worry about buying a triple digit suit when they can easily rent it and return it. I think more people should be made aware of this!
    Vanessa Okor


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