Bulls on a Budget Conclusion

Photo by Jasmin Faisal

Hello dedicated Bulls on a Budget readers,

The time has come where our classroom blog will be coming to a close. Over the past month, we have all worked hard to keep our blog entertaining and resourceful, and our only hope is that it has fulfilled these characteristics.

We provided an immense amount of things to do on a practical, low college budget. Although our posts were geared towards University of South Florida students, most of the activities could be done by anybody in the Tampa Bay area, and many could be executed by readers attempting to save money anywhere.

Our blog explored all areas of saving money, from movies, food, shopping and sports, to even more unique topics such as auto repair and recording studios. Bulls on a Budget managed to touch base and help students learn how to save money in all aspects of their life.

Although we will not be posting daily anymore, Bulls on a Budget will still remain to look back on when you need a place to eat, need somewhere to shop or need something to do, for the best prices around.

We’ve had fun running our own blog, and hope that you enjoy our posts just as much! Thank you!


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