Girls Night In: TGIT

By Samantha Villanueva

While Thursday night is a prime night to go out to local bars for “college night”, where we can usually get pretty good drink specials and pay little to no cost in most places, a night in with the girls is always a good time and you will usually spend less money than you would out at a bar on drinks and food.

ABC’s TGIT line up has made spending a night in that much more interesting. Shonda Rhimes truly outdid herself with this action-packed trio series. Each series is lead by strong actresses that are sure to keep you intrigued. You start your evening with Grey’s Anatomy at 8 p.m. and follow up with two more hour long episodes of Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder.

If you don’t currently watch these shows, you can catch up on the current season by visiting their personal ABC homepage. If you’re new to these series you can catch up on previous seasons on Netflix.

My personal favorite of the three is Grey’s Anatomy. Between the on screen romances and crazy cases that come into Grey-Sloan Memorial, it’s sure to keep you hooked!

You can also take advantage of Domino’s large three topping carry out deal available every Monday through Thursday for only $7.99!

So invite some friends over and take advantage of an inexpensive night in with good company!


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