This blog is a student-run class project for the University of South Florida. Our Editors/Administrators include Jasmin Faisal and Alexis Gentleman. We are staffed by our fellow classmates who will write all of the posts you see here on a daily basis. You can view a list of the staff bellow.

Our blog is titled “Bulls on a Budget” and focuses on providing college students, like ourselves, with a variety of fun and interesting activities to do on a low budget. Our mission is to help supply the maximum amount of fun with a minimal amount of funds.

Although we are associated with the University of South Florida and our posts are geared more towards student life, they are not only for college kids. Our blog offers a variety of low budget activities and recipes that are both fun and affordable. Despite the fact that some are only available at a discounted rate towards students, anyone can do them. It doesn’t matter if you are a soccer mom looking for inexpensive, interesting things to do with the kids or just a frugal shopper looking for a good deal, the more the merrier.

We hope you enjoy this blog and save some money next time you are out and about, looking for a good time without overdrawing your account.


  1. Morgan Blauth
  2. Monika Patel
  3. Brianna Mathews
  4. Samantha Villanueva
  5. Anna Scordato
  6. Ogheneochuko “Vanessa” Okor
  7. Alexandra Lallemand
  8. Alison Hickey
  9. Juan Soriano
  10. Lindsay Johnson
  11. Eaman Zayed
  12. Janardan Bautista
  13. Madison Hart
  14. Erin Beck
  15. Paige Roberts


  1. Alexis Gentleman
  2. Jasmin Faisal

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